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Children's brown bag with metal fittings and turul motif

Children's brown bag with metal fittings and turul motif
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The tarsoly is a leather bag which represents  the miracle of giving birth in the Scythian-Hungarian religion of love, a symbol of ancient motherhood.

Because of the Moon’s influence it has been worn on our Sun side (right side) in order to bring harmony of creation to the wearer.


Accurate reconstruction of our tarsoly from the Settlement Age of the Magyars


Interior design of the bag:

One compartment



Custom made by hand




Beautifully decorated with genuine, chased plates




The leather parts of the bag are also unique pieces and fully hand made




The finely laced leather edging is impressively decorative




Each bag is unique and has an excusive design



Our bags are catalogued by the Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art

  • Material of our plates: silver plated red copper


    Material of bags: vegetable tanned cowhide


    We offer full guarantee for our bags



    Color of bag:

    Brown (antiqued, darker)


  • Article No.
    350 g/pc
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