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3-Pieces (disassembled) Set

3-Pieces (disassembled) Set
  • 3-Pieces (disassembled) Set
  • 3-Pieces (disassembled) Set

Three different blades can be fitted to one hilt.

Advantages: - if the blade is used up, it isn’t necessary to change the whole sword.

Several functions:

- Feder

- HEMA Swordblade

- Small blade for the indoor exercises

  • The length of the swordblade with ridge: 950 mm

    The length of the federblade: 950 mm

    The length of the small blade 340 mm

    The length of the hilt (with Pommel): 370 mm


    Set with 3 parts is also offered with one blade.



    Federblade: 110 Eur

    Swordblade: 120 Eur

    Small balde: 50 Eur

    Hilt (with Pommel, and Guard): 80 Eur

  • Ordered quantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pc more thanless than 10 pcNone!360 €/pc
    10 pc more than 5 %342 €/pc
  • Article No.
    3.5 kg/pc
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