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One Handed Sword from the XIV-XV. Century

Stock: 8 pc
One Handed Sword from the XIV-XV. Century
  • One Handed Sword from the XIV-XV. Century

This is a type of sword characterized as having a pear form pommel and slightly curved cross-guard.

Pear pommels existed in various  forms in that time.


Matt polished!

  • Blade length: 700 mm

    Full length: 900 mm

    Blade width: 40 mm

    Weight: 1320 g

    The dimensions are informational values, not required sizes. The measures or design (like grip colour) of the swords -because of the hand craftmanship- can be a little different!

    Note: if You want to define the grip length or grip color, You havo to write us a notice during the order process!

  • Stock
    8 pc
    Product Code
    1.32 kg/pc
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