Under Training swords category I offer a wide array of fencing (HEMA) and practice swords for different cutting techniques.
Training Swords are made of CRV4 51 carbon steel, hardened to a 50-52 Rockwell hardness and also from 6-5-4 mm materials.

Feder sword – Warrantee 

We offer a 1 year warrantee for stiff blades (>= 2 mm thickness)! 

Feder swordflexible 

Feder blades with less than 2mm thinner tip (flexible version) are available with disassembled shipment only.

We recommend our customers to test these types of swords within 3 days after receiving the shipment. Breakage resulting from problems related to material or heat treatment will occur immediately and in this rare case we will replace the items without delay. Please make sure to notify us within 3 days after receiving the shipment.

Warranty: 6 months but is not fully comprehensive (new blades are available at 75 EUR in case of a breakage).


Damaged goods should be returned by customer.

Repaired items will be shipped back to the customer at my charge.

If for any reasons you decide that the shipped product isn’t what you wanted or excepted, you may return it to me, unused and postage paid. Upon receipt it is possible to remodel or exchange.


In case of swords, the blade is warranted against breakage during the normal course of practice or usage under normal conditions for which the product is designed, and also against loose parts (cross-guard, pommel).

In case of blade breakage, warranty does not apply if the damage is related to misuse, negligence, visible signs of improper care and maintenance or any other situation when the weapon is not used under normal circumstances. 


Care and Maintenance

In the past owning a sword was a matter of high prestige since people’s life depended on it and last but not least it reflected the wealth and status of the owner because it had a seriously great value.

Even the fencing techniques had been developed during the years taking into consideration the quality standards of the swords.

With this introduction I just wanted to give some valuable guidance for customers about real expectations on swords.

My best maintenance advice would be to take care of swords by choosing the appropriate fencing techniques. This way you will respect your sword and also the bladesmith.

After a certain period the use of the sword will be visible on the blade. 

From time to time, it is important that deeper nicks on the blade should be smoothed out with a file or grindstone as in most cases a break starts from a crack originating from a deeper nick that represents a stress point.


It is advised to clean blades with alcohol and protect against rust with oils or vaseline. In case of rusting, blades can be polished with grit paper. 



I offer various swords suitable for different fencing techniques.

Training swords to practice various cutting techniques are sharp, therefore particularly dangerous.

Their use is recommended only with great caution.
These swords are similar in weight and quality to authentic swords.
The best way you can experience the cutting power of authentic swords is through various cutting tests.
The blade is made from 51 CRV4 material, hardened to a 52-54 Rockwell hardness.

Fencing swords offered for technical training differ from combat swords in thinner edge, lighter blade and more flexibility.
They are designed to practice old fencing techniques where edge on edge type of combats are rare.
Therefore, I recommend this type of sword for those who would not prefer to exercise classic swordplay or Hollywood sort of fencing.

In case of some types of swords you can choose between soft and rigid blade.
Soft means that the blade at the point is 1.3-1.5 mm thick.
Advantage: safer thrusting.
But the blade is less durable than a thicker one. Therefore, these are recommended only for soft, technical fencing, and strictly used against light feder swords.

Rigid blades are 2-2.5 mm thick at the point. This thickness is more durable. But be very careful with the thrusting.

Another option:
- Fix
- Disassembled version.
The advantage of disassembled version is that you can replace the blade in the grip, but if this is not of consideration, you can choose the fix version.


For light feder swords I recommend the disassembled version.