Battle-ready Swords (Reenactment)

Battle ready sword categories:

The first four categories encompass swords of different historical periods (Viking - Norman, Ancient and early Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, Sabers), while the fifth category are the sabers.

Reenacting swords are designed for historical reenactment shows, close combats, edge on edge swordplays.

Details about the reenactment swords

Main features of the Reenacting blade

- 4-5 mm thick made of 51 CRV4 carbon steel
- 2-3 mm blade thickness
- 50-52 Rockwell hardness

Beechwood handle covered with leather, filled with glue

Cross-guard fixed with welding and wedging
Riveted pommel

1 year warranty (please see the Introduction of Swords category)

The maintenance of reenacting swords is very important. (For more information please go to the Introduction part of the Swords category)
Burrs, nicks on the blade may cause accidents, just like a saw. A deeper nick may easily become a crack, possibly leading to breakage.
Until a certain level nicks on blades are considered normal.
A minimal difference in hardness between two blades can cause major damage to the softer blade.
Harder blade is rather rigid therefore there is a possibility to break.
A well-maintained sword lasts longer and is safer.
Not only our cars require continuous maintenance, but also our swords.

Potential accidents:
If you play with fire, you get burned.
Weapons are not toys, they may cause serious accidents or injuries!

Everyone should use these weapons on their own responsibility, without any harm to others!