Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance

After a certain period the use of the sword will be visible on the blade. Under usage it's possible you may develop some nicks in the blade along the way.

From time to time, it is important that deeper nicks on the blade should be smoothed out with a file or grindstone as in most cases a break starts from a crack originating from a deeper nick that represents a stress point. It is advised that the blade edges should be rounded and deeper nicks to be flattened out. 

Note: if the blade breaks because of the owner’s irresponsibility, or because of the lack of care, the warranty will be lost!

It is advised to clean blades with alcohol and protect against rust with oils or vaseline. In case of rusting, blades can be polished with grid paper. 

We wish You many success and joy by your battles!

You can open a description with pictures about the maintenance on this link: care and maintenance pdf

We offer this set to the maintenance: