Disassembled swords

How can you disassemble/fix the disassembled Feder sword?

Many fencers buy from us feder swords, which are not fixed/riveted, but were made as disassembled.

These swords offer the possibility to exchange the parts of the sword (like the blade, handle or pommel). If the fencer uses a flexible blade and the blade gets damaged, he can replace the blade alone without buying a full new sword. Or, if he has 2 crossguards (1 with parry rings, 1 without rings, for example), he can easily change the crossbars.

Or, if the fencer does His training so with a flexible blade, as with a stiff blade, he only needs 1 handle to the 2 blades.

Here we will give a description of how best to disassemble the handle. 

  • Loosen the imbus screw at the center of the pommel. This screw only locks the pommel, preventing the pommel from loosening. With the screw, you can not contract the parts!
    If the pommel loosens and the blade rattles, loosen the screw, then tighten the pommel (to make the parts contract), and tighten the imbus screw with a key.
  • unscrew the knob so the handle can be removed.*
  • Remove the handle: just pull down!
  • After that, the quillon can also be removed.

* It can happen that the pommel can not be screwed out by hand, because it was very hard attracted. You can somehow tie the guard (put in a vice) and turn the pommel with 2 hands.

Assembling is just as easy: put back the quillons, push handle on it, turn pommel up, and tighten strongly (as I said, the screw prevents only that the pommel turns out) until the handle does not wobble, in the end comes the Imbuss screw: done!

As You can see, it goes very simple!

We wish you good luck, enjoy your fights!

Download as PDF file: there