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My dagger blades are made out entirely of 51CRV4 tempered steel.

Blades width is 1,5 mm.  

Upon request the edges may be sharpened or finished for historical combat (blade width: 2,5 mm)

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Sharpening service for dagger
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Dagger Type from the XIII-XIV. Century
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Dagger Type from the XV. Century
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Daggers played an important role throughout history in combat confrontations, as secondary or self defense weapons. In antiquity swords often were considered as daggers due to their shortened size and capability of thrusting or stabbing, ex: the pugio in the Roman Empire. Daggers in the Early Middle Ages were single cutting edge knives, ex: scramax evolving for larger civilian use. They appeared in various shapes and sizes but featuring only a single cutting edge.

Double-edged thrusting daggers that looked like swords in terms of shape emerged in the XIII. century. The historical types of daggers in the XIV – XV century are the baselard, rondel, kidney dagger. These daggers were called „mercy weapons” as they were used to give the last mercy strike to the opponent. In the XVI century, in the period of larger daggers appeared the parrying daggers in order to assist in parrying incoming thrusts and protect the opponent’s weapon.

Daggers have been used as combat weapons up to the present time.

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