How to define flexibility?

How can I define the optimal flexibility of the federsword?

We offer our feders with a wide range of flexibility, tailored to the various fencing techniques. More and more people are taking part in competitions where strong blade and body contact are part of the fencing. We offer them the Tournament/ stiff blades, which are very strong, but they are not flexible.

The flexible blades on the other end of the flexibility range are made for light, technical fencing, where there is hardly any strong blade contact, but rather the pursuit of fencing techniques. These blades are lightweight and flexible - but they are more vulnerable: they are not suitable for full-contact fights.

The medium-stiff blade is the best seller, a large number of users use this type. These blades can withstand hard blade contact, but are also flexible, making fencing safer.

Before buying, we recommend that you agree with the fencer club what blade the coach is suggesting on your knowledge and your fencing style!

Here is a description of „how to measure the flexibility?”

We wish you good luck, enjoy your fights!