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Re-enactors, collectors are wondering by looking at the historical weapons what is it like holding a sword, mace or axe, wondering if a XXI. century man is able to learn the techniques of using old weapons.

I was fascinated by this myself and that’s why I started caring passionately about tradition and became a swordsmith. 

Weapons (swords, daggers, battle axes, maces, medieval knives ) in this category are designed ​​based on authentic weapons and suitable for combat reenactment and fencing. 

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Many types of weapons evolved throughout the history.

The first tools of ancient man designed for everyday use were made of stone, bone and wood which facilitated their work and made it possible to hunt for animals.
These tools have evolved later into weapons. The knife replaced chopper, the mace evolved from simple club, battle axe(medieval axe) from stone axe.

Weapons that were mainly designed for fighting appeared with the first civilizations in the human history (from 3000 BC).
Crafting techniques had made significant improvements. An array of masterfully crafted copper and stone artifacts have survived from this period.

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The technological development of crafting from around 1700 BC has enabled to design more complex weapons. The first Bronze Age swords appeared. Iron Age in Europe dates back to 800 BC characterized by the appearance of certain forms and types of weapons.
Various types of weapons that had been used for centuries on the battlefields by the Celts, Vikings, knights, soldiers are now displayed in museums inviting visitors interested in history.