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Unique messers in stock!
Unique messers in stock!
We have made several messers, which we designed for 15-16th century medieval reenactors and for those who want something special in addition to their training/tournament messer.
- From long Kriegsmessers to short Bauernwehrs
- Right and left handed versions
- Various hilts, blades, nagels etc.
- Made from heat treated 51CRV4 carbon steel
- 1 year warranty for each messer
Each piece is unique - get yours today, as there’s only one of each!
In the webshop (limited editions)!
Workin' with hard steel!
There is pride in knowing that the swords we make will be used for important purposes (like thrustin' & slashin' a fellow fencer) or become cherished possessions for someone.
What are these?
1., cup hilt rapiers
2., shamshirs
3., longswords, arming swords
The warehouse is full of swords!
What we currently have in stock:
1., HEMA
- feders (base line: roll and spatulated tip)
- light messers (right and left handed)
- Fiore tournament longswords (spatulated tip)
- Meyer and cup hilt rapiers
2., Reenactment/TAP fight
- Viking and Norman swords (base line and decorated too)
- longswords
- sabers (light nomad sabers)
- axes (various types)
Goodbye 2023! Welcome 2024!

It was a tough year for sure. A "few thousand" swords, sabers, messers and other arms left our forge to find owners all around the world.
Any new plans for this year?

- New models for both HEMA, buhurt and reenactment
- Festivals, tournaments and other events around Europe (recurring and new!)

Check out our first travel plan!

Note: We'll visit more events which are not yet announced.

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Swordy-sword November!

Meet us at one these events!

- 11. 11-12. Usi & Costumi, Ferrara, Italy ????????
- 11. 18-19. Marché de l'Histoire, Compiegne, France ????????
- 11. 25. Történelmi Vásár, Budapest, Hungary ????????
- 11. 24-17. Black Friday Weekend at VB Swordshop's webshop!⚔️

Event organizer pages:
1., Armi & Bagagli - Mercato Internazionale della Rievocazione Storica
2., Association pour l'Histoire Vivante (ApHV)
3., Történelmi Vásárok

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We are in Minden, Germany!
A fine medieval fair! Check out what we have!
- training swords and sabers
- axes for reenactment
- outdoor knives
Next stop Ferrara, Italy! ????????
Our stock is currently full of longswords! Reenactment and HEMA versions of the FK15 & FK16.
Stats and more:Full lenght: 120 cm
Blade lenght: 90 cm
Guard lenght: 20 cm
Weight: ~1500 g
Material: 51CRV4 (heat treated)
Tip: simple rounded or rolled
Flex: from 6 kg to 15 kg (ultra flex to stiff)!
Pommel variants: Pearl or disc shape
Guard variants: straight or sligtly curved
Find our products in the US at Purpleheart Armoury!
Sidesword and Meyer rapier in stock!
We got some of these fancy steel (HEMA version) in stock. Check them out!
Stats and more:
- Made from 51VRW4 (heat treated)
- Rolled tip version
- One your warranty
- Shipping worldwide
- Blade Length: 870 mm
- Full Length: 1030 mm
- Weight: ~1180 g (assembled with stiff blade)
Meyer rapier:
- Blade Length: 920 mm
- Full Length: 1080 mm
- Weight: ~1030 g (assembled with stiff blade)
Messers on the way!
A bunch from fne of our best selling product the light and the steel plated HEMA and reenactment messers are soon ready!
We already got some in stock!
Also this weekend we'll be heading to Soest in Germany ???????? !
Meet us at Soester Fehde!
Differences between a more historically accurate and a trainer version for TAP/eastern style fights.
We produce two verison for almost every type of basic training swords we have in the catalog. Let's look at this this typical "boat shaped pommeled" arming sword which was very common during XI-XII. century in Europe.
- With short handle the more accurate version fits tightly in the hand while the other can be used with a modern fencing gauntlet.
- The modern version has shorter guard.
- The fuller runs under the guard in the more accurate version, while the other has metal wedges to keep the guard durable.
Our favourite weapon test: fighting on tournaments! ️
Our colleague: Adam got two gold medals (HMB sword & shield + sword & buckler) in Schwarzach am Pongau, Austria ????????
Also congrats' for Gergő who also wields a VB longsword for his silver!
Renewed product!
Our HMB/buhurt arming sword got a new design.⚔️ The weight is much better now, but we kept the lenght!
Two Hungarian HMB club ???????? just started to test it.
We have various products in stock!
You may find them in the webshop:
- viking, norman and arming swords
- fechtfeders (normal and disassemble versions)
- langes messers (light version)
- sabers (HEMA Hungarian and for magyar reenactment)
- Meyer rapiers
- axes (early and high medieval)
VB Swordshop
Until September we'll have various events all around Europe! Historical fairs, HEMA/HBM tournaments and other reenactment festivals.
Meet us at one of these events!
- We might attend on more events
- Fairs in late Autumn are not yet announced
An arming sword for HEMA
An arming sword for HEMA

Our company’s motto is: Tradition, Quality and Warranty

Tradition: Our products are made for historical fencing sports and activities with great dedication. HEMA, HMB reenactment many other, which brings to relive history and traditions in a way.

Quality: To forge the best steel, we choose the right materials and the best procedures to have solid and reliable, but at the same time safe weapons.

Warranty: In such business warranty is probably the most important part. We take good care in developing our products based on the customers need too. 1 year is a time interval to prove that our products are suitable for intense use.

Our company works on mulitiple tasks at the same time. We are currently heavily overloaded with orders and at the same time we are preparing for various events, festivals and tournaments all over Europe. We take good care to communicate with our customers, but we meet with recurring obstacles. So in order to help you and speed up the communication here are some points.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube:

We quite often post on these platforms. You can contact us quite fast for some questions about our products in general. We always try to respond as quickly as we can. What is important is to contact us on our official pages and channels (and please try to leave the profiles of our colleagues). We always use these platforms to help the customers, but we are not willing to take any orders on social media.


Our redesigned webshop is one of the best way to order and to get more details about specific products. Since we have lots of kind of weapons we created product groups based on the sports and activities they were made for.


The other way to contact us and to order specific products. Please note that we try to respond as soon as we can, but our daily tasks can take time. Note: Please use the same name during ordering and transferring, since it is really hard to find the same person if they don’t match!

Viktor Berbekucz


If you like medieval weapons, you probably also like history and adventures. If you also enjoy experiencing new things and activities, escape rooms could be interesting for you.


We can find many nice, and interesting swords in our history.

Let's see now the spatha!


Our second video of our YouTube Channel is released! You can get to know a lot about HEMA swords and other HEMA weapons.


We are happy to announce that we have a new YouTube Channel, and our first, introduction video is out.

Why did we decide to start a YouTube Channel?


We live in an extremely accelerated world. The digitization has not only advantages, but many disadvantages as well.


Knife is one of the most basic tools of humankind. There are almost unlimited number of styles and used materials when it comes to knives. Every knife has a blade and a handle, but there is a huge vareity of functions, sizes, blade lives.


2017 was a very busy year for us, with many orders, and Markets.


The Vikings were terrific fighters. They came from Scandinavia, and their first known, frightening attack in Europe was committed on June 8, 793, against the monastery of Lindisfarne Island (or the Holy Island) of England.


There were several barriers that medieval warriors had to overcome that were not closely related to battles and fights.


Mace weapons were developed from one of the oldest weapons of mankind, knoberry. Several types of mace weapons were used in battles in the Middle Ages.


Our customer had waited half a year for his sword and stated it was worth it and was very pleased with the artwork.

Certainly there were lots of preliminary steps, discussions, plans with the customer prior to the production commencement of such a precious sword. 


Our daily life in the workshop