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Archenemies - The Roman Gladius & The Celtic Longsword

09/09/2020 13:30

roman gladius vs. celtic longsword

In our new product series, we'll present you weapons which often met on the battlefield.
Let's start round the Gallic Wars (58–50 BC)! The Roman and the Gaul armies were quite different in almost every aspect. This is visible on their swords as well:

Roman Gladius

The main weapon of every legioner at this age. Shorter than most swords which were used by the Gauls and designed for thrusting (primarily). Our model is forged after the artifact found in the town of Pompeii (round the 1th century BC). The grip is made from hardwood. (Dull version for historical fencing and reenactment.)

Celtic Longsword

During the La Tène period (6th–1st centuries BC) anthropomorphic metal hilts were also common beside hardwood hilts. Some swords even had human head shaped pommels. The primarly slashing weapon was longer than the gladius. (Dull version for histocal fencing and reenactment.)

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