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Escape rooms in the UK

15/09/2017 13:06

If you like medieval weapons, you probably also like history and adventures. If you also enjoy experiencing new things and activities, escape rooms could be interesting for you.

Escape rooms, escape games can provide an equally good program for children and adults alike, and due to their popularity, they often are an excellent venue for team building games in the UK. The key to their success is always cooperation! What's more, an escape room experience for a bachelor party can be a great gift. There are several types of discount coupons available online: decide which one is the best for you! All you need is an enthusiastic group of friends and the game can start! For example, the theme of a Sherlock Holmes release room is a rare fit for such a program: test your deduction skills and solve the mystery of "Sherlock Freed from Baker Street"! You and your friends have a responsibility to clarify the innocence of one of the world's most famous detectives. Get your investigation team together and rescue Sherlock from the police! And if you were to turn the detective game on to the next level, a Saw themed Escape room could be a good choice for you. You will have to unlock locks with varying degrees of difficulty to get out of a place where you'll feel like someone's watching you all the time ... let the game begin!


escape room in Portsmouth


If you want to experience the escape room of your favourite series or movie, there are plenty to choose from in the UK. The mystery of the island continues in a Lost escape game where you only have one hour to escape the local bloodthirsty tribe! Solve the mystery and save them! You can also destroy the Ring during a Lord of the Rings escape adventure. The game follows the same path as the protagonists of the trilogy, from Hobbit Village to Mount of Destiny. If you have long been a Tolkien fan, it would be a pity to miss these kinds of experiences! There are great escape rooms all over the UK, with different types of escape games. The Real Escape escape room in Portsmouth, UK for example provides a nice variety of rooms: Dr. Ryddle’s memory, The guardians of the elixir, The Chamber of the deep, and a very unique game, called mission 60, where you have to be fast enough to get out in 60 minutes.