BLOG - Swordsmith at work

Early Medieval Damascus Steel Spatha

30/05/2016 12:29

Our customer had waited half a year for his sword and stated it was worth it and was very pleased with the artwork.

Certainly there were lots of preliminary steps, discussions, plans with the customer prior to the production commencement of such a precious sword. 

Our customers sent us the image of the artifacts of Niederstotzingen to facilitate the thorough preparation of the replica of this historical sword.




Blade features:

Fuller (middle part) is crafted from 3 bars of Torsion Damascus, left and right edges of the blade from Monosteel to achieve the absolute best quality.

Blade size:

Blade width at cross-guard: 56m

Blade width at point: 35mm

Overall length: 790mm





Brass / wood / iron layers, and pattern with silver mountings.