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HEMA fight and viking Sword cut test Videos featuring VB Swords

04/01/2019 14:35


Not everything related to our products is from old times, medieval even, certainly not theese videos we would like to share with you.
Thanks to our ever growing customer base, enthusiastic youtubers around the world use and review our products. If you would like to watch more videos similar to the ones listed below, feel free to type HEMA video, HEMA fight, or more specifically Viktor Berbekucz or VB Swordshop in the search bar on either of the major video streaming portals. Or you can try using the voice search with the hungarian names of the products, see how well it goes! :-)

Real life swordfight with federswords:

Our products look good, but they are definitely not just for watching. These two knights go head to head, trying to score points by hitting each other with these swords:,
The video features Viktor Berbekucz and Gergely Kálmán as the fighters.

Viking sword cut test:

Most swords were of course designed and built for battles against the enemy, they had to be sharp and durable to be effective and endure the swordfights. In this video, KjarniWillison shows no mercy to a plastic bottle of water, demonstrating the sharpnes of our 10th century viking sword, which details are located here: