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We have a new YouTube Channel - introduction

02/05/2019 11:37

We are happy to announce that we have a new YouTube Channel, and our first, introduction video is out.

Why did we decide to start a YouTube Channel?


We have received a lot of questions from our customer base, about our swords, daggers, battle axes, what sort of steel we use, how they could maintenance the swords and a lot more. So we came out with the idea to answer these questions in a videoblog.

In our first videoblog we introduce ourselves. The future vlogs are divided into 4 categories: HEMA, BUHURT, Viking and some early medieval weapons, Reconstructions. So, in the next vlogs you can get to know a lot about HEMA sword, HEMA saber, sidesword, the feders with different flexibilities, BUHURT weapons, swords for Codex Belli. We will also give you maintenance tips, insights into forging and much more!

Our costumers’ feedbacks are really important for us and based on the feedbacks we can keep developing our products. We do not want you to miss any episodes, so we will post the videos here, to our website’s blog as well.