BLOG - Swordsmith at work

New video! The second episode in our YouTube vlog is out!

25/07/2019 08:55

Our second video of our YouTube Channel is released! You can get to know a lot about HEMA swords and other HEMA weapons.

Our team poduces a wide range of HEMA weapons (HEMA means Historical European martial arts): fechtfeders, grossmessers, sabres, montantes, sideswords. If you watch this video, you will defenetly broaden your knowledge on these HEMA weapons of ours, the details like weight, balance point, blade lenght, total lenght. You can get to know how many flex versions of fechtfeders we offer, about heat-treated guards of our sabers and much more.

Also you can gain insight how to train with different kind of swords alone. Please enjoy, subscribe and share it, if you like it!



The next episode of our vlog you can get an insight of Viktor’s workshop and we will also show you how to maintenance a federword or other swords. You can buy our HEMA swords in our webshop!