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Happy Birthday Hungary! / The sword of St. Stephen

20/08/2020 11:30

The sword of St. Stephen

Today is the State Foundation Day of Hungary!

 1020 years ago Stephen son of Grand Prince Géza was crowned as the first King of Hungary. For this special occasion we'll present you today his sword, which can be found today in the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.
Stephen's sword was most likely forged on the island of Jutland or Gotland. The high qualty weapon's pommel and crossguard was decorated with animal and ribbon patterened ivory. On one side of the blade an inscription can be seen: "ULFBERNA".
It was Princess Anna (daughter of Béla IV. of Hungary) who brought this crown jewel with herself to Bohemia in the 13th century.
This sword was not yet reconstructed! Someone should take this challange!