BLOG - Swordsmith at work

Swordsmith at work

30/05/2016 09:57

Our daily life in the workshop

At our workshop we are specialized in various types of reenactment swords series but we also offer the best handcrafted artworks and treasures that our customers are willing to wait for months! Sometimes it could even take half a year because these swords are labor-intensive and require the highest quality of our craftsmanship.


Our swordsmith, Viktor Berbekucz, can fulfill these orders with longer leadtime, as he is always striving for excellence in crafting his historical replica weapons. In the meantime, these types of swords are the real challenge, allowing him to demonstrate his talent and dedication.


This blog has been created to invite you to visit us behind the scenes giving you an exclusive insight into the artwork we create.

We are going to share videos and images about our workshop and our collection of fascinating weapons (reenactment swords, battle ready swords, battle axes, medieval weapons etc.), but also about the events and trades we attended or planning to travel to.


Please leave us a comment and let us know the topics you are most interested in about our workshop.


Best wishes,

Andrea Berbekuczné

Sales Manager