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Knives in the Middle Ages

13/08/2018 15:09

Knife is one of the most basic tools of humankind. There are almost unlimited number of styles and used materials when it comes to knives. Every knife has a blade and a handle, but there is a huge vareity of functions, sizes, blade lives.

knife middle ages

Middle Ages’ knives also came in a lot of forms, but with the same aim, they had to cut object in the most efficient way. As almost all kind of knives in history, knives made during the Middle Ages also came out with two main parts, the blade and the handle. The shapes, the widths, the lenghts and the styles of the blades were different from each other, based on the purpose of the knife. Longer knives were likely used for eating and food preparation, shorter and thinner ones were most likely used for work. There were special bladed knives for specific tasks, for example double edges hunting knives or half moon shape bladed knives for crafts.

Middle Ages though lasted from 5th to 15th century, and there were plenty of different cultures and places, with different kind of problems and different kind of knives.Wealthier people even used razors/clasp knives in the 15th century in Germany, while vikings had beautifully decorated knife handles. In our webshop, you can buy many kinds of knives, like scandinavian type of knife, simple medieval knife, hunnish knife with sheath, curved bladed knives, celtic knife with scabbard, and a lot more.