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Maintenance kit for our swords

Stock: 3 pcs
Maintenance kit for our swords
  • Maintenance kit for our swords
  • Maintenance kit for our swords

Maintenance kit for preventing and repairing corrosion of swords.

Our blades are made of carbon steel, and the parts of the swords are also made of carbon steel or gray iron.

Because of this, moisture and finger prints can cause surface rust which does not affect the durability or mechanical properties of the sword but aesthetically damages the beauty of the sword.

We offer this set to prevent and improve this problem.

  • The kit contains:

    Abrasive filament with 240 blade density (German Küssner quality, size 105 * 150mm) to remove surface spots and corrosion

    Microfiber wipe for applying the oil to the surface

    Instrument oil 100-110 ml in a bottle. ISO-VG-15 ISO-L-FG quality, does not stain the surface.

    Cotton Gloves, 1 pair

    Cotton cloth storage bag

  • Stock
    3 pcs
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    1 kg/pcs
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