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Viking Sword Type used in the X. Century

Stock: 4 pc
Viking Sword Type used in the X. Century
  • Viking Sword Type used in the X. Century

The design of the pommel is very specific. This type of sword can be found in several European museums indicating how popular it was throughout Europe. ex.Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen.

In Hungary it can be discovered within the Szob-Vendelin Collection.

  • Petersen type: S

    Wheeler type: III


    Blade length: 700 mm

    Full length: 860 mm

    Blade width: 40-25 mm

    Weight: ~1150 g

    Matt polished!

    The dimensions are informational values, not required sizes. The measures or design (like grip colour) of the swords -because of the hand craftmanship- can be a little different!

    Note: if You want to define the grip length or grip color, You havo to write us a notice during the order process!

  • Stock
    4 pc
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    1.2 kg/pc
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