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Sword upon French HEMA Group "LUCTATIO"

Stock: 2 pc
Sword upon French HEMA Group "LUCTATIO"
  • Sword upon French HEMA Group "LUCTATIO"
  • Sword upon French HEMA Group "LUCTATIO"

This sword was designed specifically for learning sword and buckler fencing according to the One thirty three I.33 fightbook. Its general characteristics (total length, blade length, weight) are very close of selected authentic Type XII, XIII, XIV , XV and XVI swords kept in museums. The blade length is the arm length from armpit to the tip of middle finger, as weight is to be kept under one kilogram and the location of the center of gravity is between 10 and 12 cm from the guard according to preference of the owner.

It is not a sparring sword like a feder, but it is quite adequate for reduced speed sparring.

As the request and most specs came from HEMA practitionners of the Frencg club "Luctatio" is is called the "Luctatio first generation sword"

Edge thickness: 2 mm

  • Blade Length: 780 mm

    Full Length: 950 mm


    Length of the guard: 170 mm

    Balance point: about 120 mm from the guard

    Weight: 1000-1050 g

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    2 pc
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