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Federsword with button on guard

Federsword with button on guard
  • Federsword with button on guard

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Federsword with stiff blade

For better hand protection the guard has buttons on the ends.


federsword stiffThis type of Federsword  bends up to 10cm away from the vertical axis when  vertical pressure of 6-8 kg is applied.  


The federswords with stiff blade are in two Version available:

- Fix Version (with rivited pommel)

- Disassembled version


The thickness of the blade (from the point to the first 20 cm): 2-2,5 mm.

The thickness of the blade by the guard: 6 mm.


Hilt mit Leather covered!

  • Blade Length: 980 mm

    Full Length: 1310 mm

    Hilt Lenght: 330 mm (with Pommel)

    Length of the guard: 235 mm

    Balance point: about 60 mm from the guard

    Weight: 1500 g

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