Newly developed grip to our federswords

Dear customers of HEMA Fencing!

Let's start with: the handles with which we have assembled our federwords over the years worked very well. Viktor didn't think about shaping the handles because there was a problem with them, he just wanted to make it better.

He just saw that there was an even better version than the previous one.

This is how he developed this new form, which we are now introducing to you. In the picture below you can see the dimensions that immediately show the biggest change: the handle widens in the middle part, and the cross-section of the handle has become oval in 2/3 of the side of the crossbar.

This minimized the probability that the grip would twist out of hand when the crossbar gets a larger hit, it offers a much safer grip. At the same time, rotation and control in the backhand are not hindered by the narrow, circular cross-sectional construction (1/3 in front of the button).

The other innovation with regard to environmental aspects is that the raw material of the handles will be not hardwood, but ABS. It is a very resistant, hard, and flexible material with the great advantage that trees do not have to be felled.

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