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Falchion from the XIII-XIVth Century

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Falchion from the XIII-XIVth Century
  • Falchion from the XIII-XIVth Century

Falchion for reenactment, or BUHURT use. 

The broad, robust blade indicates how this type of weapon was used.  Falchions, Malchus swords had different forms in use. There were high quality, elaborately engraved falchions but also existed as cheaper peasant's weapons.

  • Blade length: 60 cm

    Total length: 79 cm

    POB: ~11 cm

    Weight: ~1600 g (4 mm blade thickness)

    ~1350 g (3 mm blade thickness)

    Blade width: 45/60 mm

    Thickness: 3 mm or 4 mm (51CrV4 steel)

    The dimensions are informational values, not required sizes. The measures or design (like grip colour) of the swords -because of the hand craftmanship- can be a little different!

    Note: if You want to define the grip length or grip color, You havo to write us a notice during the order process!

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    2 pc
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