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Peasant knife for HEMA fencing

Peasant knife for HEMA fencing
  • Peasant knife for HEMA fencing
  • Peasant knife for HEMA fencing
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This sword is made directly for HEMA fencing. The blade is more flexible as a re-enactment sword, the point is back folded because of safety reasons. 

The sword is optimal for quick movements because of the light blade. 

  • Blade length: 650 mm

    Full length: 860 mm

    Balancepoint: ~ 5 cm (3 mm blade thickness)

    Weight: ~1150 g (3 mm blade thickness)

    Material: 51CrV4 steel, tempered

    The dimensions are informational values, not required sizes. The measures or design (like grip colour) of the swords -because of the hand craftmanship- can be a little different!


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