Welcome to VB Swordshop!

"Dedicated to Tradition, Quality, Warranty"

Victor Berbekucz swordsmith opened his new webshop with a large selection of historical swords, battle axes, knives and other inspiring Hungarian handcraft products!
Our old website: www.berbekuczviktor.hu is also available to place your order for various high quality weapons and accessories from history.

What is different about this webstore?

Based on the feedback from our customers we appreciated the need for a more modern site easy to read and navigate.
We also considered urgent demands in case of approaching reenactment tournaments or fencing events in order that our customers receive fast their selected sword.

The wide range of products listed on our webshop are all on stock or available fast, at short leadtime (2 weeks).

Our products are:

  • Swords for reenactment tournaments
  • Feders, swords for HEMA Clubs
  • Sharp swords for practicing cutting techniques
  • Historical knives for camping
  • Bards, spears, maces
  • Historical clothing (Viking, Medieval) with a continuously expanding range of costumes and textiles (our contracted artist has been working for various historical museums, her clothes have always been designed based on authentic historical fabrics and motifs.)
  • Handcrafted medieval jewelry for your loved ones (our jewelry artist is an award winning Hungarian folk art designer, her artworks can be found in various museums)
  • Accessories for camping (outdoor cooking vessels, cauldrons, buckets, etc.).

Our products can be viewed upon prior appointment and may be personally received at our exhibition room.

We assure fast and reliable shipping services abroad!

We offer volume discount for teams!

Cultivate tradition with high quality handcrafted products with warranty at affordable price!

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! Looking forward to your feedback!

Customer service: Andrea Berbekuczné Kancsár
Email address: info@berbekuczviktor.hu (English and German)

Best regards,

Viktor Berbekucz Swordsmith
Andrea Berbekuczné Kancsár