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14/01/2014 9:50
A sword, we are proud for
I'm amazed by the sword (GSZM25).
The balance point is at about 14 cm in front of the crossguard. A bit long at first glance, but once you further examine the sword, it turns out to be very advantageous. Thanks to the balancing, this one handed sword has good strike and parry abilities.
GSZM25 swordThe tipping point on the weak of the blade is very close to the point, which makes for great stabs.
The tipping point on the strong of the blade is at the balance point I described above (14 cm in front of the crossguard).
Swinging the sword feels excellent. Due to the broad blade on the guard (4,3 cm), the sword does not vibrate much at all, and and the nodal points are exactly where they are supposed to be. That way, the forces that are applied to the blade in combat are comfortably deviated.
The weak of the blade is very resistant to bending, which amazes me.
The fishtail pommel and guard are a feast for the eyes. I especially like that the pommel is useable with a hand and a half, and very well at that.
The sleek design of the pommel, the guard and the well distributed balance points make wielding the sword at your side very comfortable.
The polish has turned out extremely well.
Overall, this sword can be described as a small masterpiece.
You fulfilled a one handed dream of mine.
Excellent design complemented by perfect quality for the job.
It's almost too precious to be fighting with it.
Could a knight ask for more? I think not.
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