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You are certainly familiar with the blade that has been developed for indoor HEMA practice.
At the time, this sword was designed to be used for fencing exercises in a small area (such as a room).

Many of you love it and we sold a lot of it in recent years because it is a very good exercise tool. You can imitate the technical features of longsword fencing, without beating the TV with the 100 cm blade.
Unfortunately, due to the spread of the coronavirus, many of us miss trainings and are forced to train at home.
We want to help you with this difficult situation.
For every dear Customer who buys a feder sword, we give an indoor training blade as a gift!

However, as production in the workshop is in a reduced mode, please be aware of the stock information we are updating daily.
Of course, we will accept your e-mail of interest, but the promotion applies to our ready-made feders.

Product range:
We hope we can contribute to your quarantine workouts!

Viktor and the VB Swordshop Team

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